Editorial Team

Organizational structure of the EAZ


The steering committee of the journal consists of a group of six Editors-in-Chief, composed of the Kiel core group and distinguished international scholars from relevant fields who select the papers and ensure quality assessment through a peer-review process.

Henny Piezonka

Free University of Berlin, Germany


Keywords: Ethnoarchaeology, Hunter-gatherer-fishers, Mobile societies, Neolithic, Circumpolar regions, Arid regions, Technology

Henny Piezonka is a professor at the Institute for Prehistoric Archaeology of the Free University of Berlin. Her research aims at connecting archaeological and anthropological research methods and topics. Her focus lies in various regions across Northern Eurasia with an emphasis on mobile fisher-hunter-gatherer and pastoralist societies. She is currently conducting archaeological and ethnological fieldwork in Northern Germany, Western Siberia, and Mongolia.

Bill Angelbeck

Douglas College, Canada


Keywords: Theory, Sociopolitical organization, Warfare, Northwest Coast, Religion, Ideation

The research Bill Angelbeck conducts is focused on archaeological theory, sociopolitical organization, warfare and conflict resolution, ethnohistory, religion and ideation, and the interrelations of philosophy and archaeology. He focuses on the Salishan area of the Northwest Coast of North America, where he has engaged in collaborative archaeological and ethnographic projects with Líl'wat, Upper Skagit, Kanaka, Stó:lō, and other Coastal and Interior Salishan groups.

Stefano Biagetti

Pompeu Fabra University, Spain


Keywords: Ethnoarchaeology, Drylands, Pastoralism, Rain-fed agriculture, Socio-ecological systems, Traditional ecological knowledge

Stefano Biagetti is a Professor of Archaeology at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Spain. His research primarily focuses on the exploration of drylands, where human societies have developed unique adaptive practices. His specific research lines concentrate on the study of rain-fed agriculture and pastoral habitation sites in arid areas. These research avenues converge in the practice of ethnoarchaeology, serving both as an intellectual pursuit and a practical field of inquiry.

Jerimy Cunningham

University of Lethbridge, Canada


Keywords: Archaeological theory, Inequality, Marxist Theory, American Southwest, Mesoamerica, West Africa

Jerimy Cunningham is associate professor of anthropology at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada. He has conducted archaeological research in the Northern Plains, Eastern Woodlands, and American Southwest and ethnographic research in the Inland Niger Delta of Mali. His research interests focus on the epistemology of archaeology, history of archaeology, analogical reasoning, ethnoarchaeology, economic anthropology, Postcolonial approaches and Marxist theory.

Martin Furholt

University of Kiel, Germany


Keywords: Social Archaeology, Political economy, Neolithic, Archaeological theory, Mobility, Anarchist theory, Heterarchical societies

Martin Furholt is a professor of Prehistoric and Social Archaeology at the Institute for Prehistory and Early History at Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel. His research focuses on the Neolithic in western Eurasia, with a particular interest in the development of social and political organization and mobility. One focus is on a critical examination of Eurocentric and colonialist premises and concepts. He is currently conducting archaeological fieldwork in Slovakia and Serbia.

Jens Schneeweiß

University of Kiel, Germany


Keywords: Archaeology of North-Eastern Europe and Siberia, Conflict resolution strategies in pre-industrial societies, Mobility and sedentariness, Perception of space, "Zeitgeist" and cultural transfer

Jens Schneeweiß is a researcher at the Cluster of Excellence ROOTS, Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel. His academic interests include settlement research, rural archaeology in early history and the Middle Ages, the Bronze and Iron Age in Siberia. One more focus is the cross-border issues, both in a geographical and a disciplinary sense. Dr. Schneeweiß's academic education includes both humanities and natural sciences, and therefore he considers archaeological research originally interdisciplinary.

Maria Wunderlich

University of Kiel, Germany


Keywords: Ethnoarchaeology, Neolithic, Social Archaeology, Northeast India, Central Europe, Social Organization, Kinship

Maria Wunderlich's research is centred around comparative approaches and social archaeology with a focus on the intersection between archaeology and socio-cultural anthropology. Working in Northeastern India as well as Central Europe, she is interested in the dynamics involved in the socio-political organization of societies, forms of non-hierarchical social organization, Neolithic communities as well as ethnoarchaeological approaches with an emphasis on human-environmental dynamics and the settlement structures.

Associate editors

Engdawork Assefa

Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia
Keywords: Sustainable Development, Spatial Analysis, Environmental Management, Cultural Heritage, Sustainability

Reinhard Bernbeck

Free University of Berlin, Germany
Keywords: The Neolithic of the Near East, Iranian archeology, Imperialism, Social inequality in early complex societies, Political dimensions of archeology, Ideology

Charlotte Damm

Tromsö University, Norway
Keywords: Stone Age, Northern Fennoscandia, Hunter-fisher-gatherers, Gender and Identity, Prehistoric Rituals and Religion

Alexander Gramsch

German Archaeological Institute, Germany
Keywords: Functions of Ritual, Cultural Change, the Archaeology of the Body

Hans Peter Hahn

Frankfurt University, Germany
Keywords: West Africa (Burkina Faso, Ghana, Togo), Material culture, Museums with ethnographic collections, Consumption, Migration and mobility, Globalisation

Andrei Golovnev

Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography, Russia
Keywords: History and theory of colonization, Nomadology, Cultures and peoples of Northern Eurasia, Ethno-phenomenology, Mythology, Visual anthropology

Colin Grier

Washington State University, USA
Keywords: Complex hunter-gatherer-fisher societies, Social inequality, Households, Political economy, Social networks, Landscape construction and management practices, Monumentality and terraforming

Tiatoshi Jamir

Nagaland University, India
Keywords: Prehistory of Northeast India, Stone tools technology, Cave archaeology, Community archaeology

Peter Jordan

Lund University, Sweden
Keywords: Archaeology and Anthropology of Circumpolar Peoples and Cultures, Hunter-gatherers, Human-environment interactions, Pottery, Siberia, Japan, Prehistoric transformations across Northern Eurasia

Francesca Lugli

Italian Association for Ethnoarchaeology, Italy
Keywords: Ethnoarchaeology, Nomadism, Mongolia, Dogs in nomadic communities

Johannes Müller

Kiel University, Germany
Keywords: European prehistory, Landscape, Social archaeology, Human-environment interlinkage, Social inequality in early societies

Susan Pollock

Free University of Berlin, Germany
Keywords: Archeology of Iran and Mesopotamia, Feminism and Gender in Archeology and Cultural Anthropology, Food practices and commensality, Subjectivation theories, Ideology, Politics and Archaeology, Households, Political economy, Archeology in the Media

Martin Porr

University of Western Australia, Australia
Keywords: Hunter-gatherer archaeology of Europe, Archaeology of art and rock art, Archaeological method and theory, Human social and cognitive evolution, Social learning, Postcolonial archaeology

Stefanie Samida

Ruprecht-Karls-Universität, Germany / Universität Zürich, Switzerland
Keywords: Material Culture, Heritage, Popular Culture, Museum, Living History / Public History

Tracy Teslow

University of Cincinnati, USA
Keywords: Race and ethnicity in the United States, Study of race in biological and anthropological sciences, Public History, Role of racial science and scientists in adoption in the United States

Ditamulü Vasa

Nagaland University, India
Keywords: Inequality and equality in prehistoric communities, Pottery, Monumentality, Feasting activities

Other Team members

Anastasia Khramtsova

University of Kiel, Germany

Managing Editor

Keywords: Mesolithic, Neolithic, Burial Archaeology, East European Plain, Hunter-gatherer-fishers, Behavioural Archaeology, Stone-knapping technology

As a part of the EAZ Team, Anastasia oversees and coordinates the publication's editorial activities, and communicates with the authors, the reviewers, and the editorial board. She is also responsible for website and social media content planning.

Wiebke Mainusch

University of Kiel, Germany


Keywords: Archaeological & anthropological theory, Human-environmental interactions, Non-agricultural societies, Northern environments

Wiebke Mainusch is a Master's student at the Univerity of Kiel. She provides support throughout all the stages of the editorial process and production of the contributions. She is also coordinating the EAZ Twitter account.

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