Wolfgang Padberg

Annidation and hominisation

Published: 1967-01-01 | DOI: 10.54799/UUUP5142


The results of palaeontology and paleoanthropology, of prehistory as well as of ethology over the last ten vears would appear to make it necessary to review certain elements of existing theories relating to evolutionary factors basic to anthropogenesis. At the same time a reconsideration is necessary of the forms of production, particularly of food production in the subhuman phase during the lower (early) Palaeolithic. The investigations into the Australopithecines and the hordes of Archanthropus show:
1. amongst the evolutionary factors in anthropogenesis annidation has a decisive importance,
2. the theory of obtaining food by the use of pitfalls has to be rejected.

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Padberg, Wolfgang. 1967. “Annidation and Hominisation”. EAZ – Ethnographisch-Archaeologische Zeitschrift 8 (1):1‐14. https://doi.org/10.54799/UUUP5142.
Cover of EAZ Vol. 8, No. 1
Cover of EAZ Vol. 8, No. 1
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